Course Extensions

Thank goodness for course extensions.  Sometimes life gets in the way of completing your online course before your expiration date.  When that happens, don’t worry.  We can extend your course for you up to three months.

The prices below are set by dearborn not by us and we have no control over the extensions.  Extension time begins on the day the course expired.  Not on the day you pay for your extension.  For instance, if your course had been expired for a month, then you will only have two months left and you will still have to pay for the three month extension.

For course extensions, you will have to call me,  Paula Stone 850-557-7991. Or send me a email at and give me your number and I will call you.  I must take your payment over the phone befor the coures can be extended.

Licensing Course Extensions

  • 30-day—$49
  • 90-day—$89

Continuing Education/Post-Licensing, Exam Prep, and QBank Course Extensions:

  • 30-day—$19
  • 90-day—$29