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Course Extensions

Thank goodness for course extensions.  Sometimes life gets in the way of completing your online course before your expiration date.  When that happens, don’t worry.  We can extend your course for you up to six months.  It is not a good idea to stretch your course out because you will forget what you learned and it will be harder for you to pass your end of course final exam and your state exam.

If you need your course extended, just fill out the form and submit it with your payment.  It may take up to two days to get your course extended.  Usually, your course is extended the same day.  It depends on what time you submit your request.  Please be sure to remember that your course extension must start from the original expiration date of your course.  So, even if your course has already expired, as long as it has not been expired over 6 months, you are eligible to get what remaining time is left before the 6-month window has passed.  For instance, if your course has been expired for two months, you will have four months left to complete your course and the final exam.