Choose one of our Florida real estate class locations and get your Florida real estate license in just a few short weeks.

Palms Conference Center

The Tingle Law Firm

Two great real estate class locations to choose from to take get your Florida real estate license.

Classroom Locations in Panama City Beach and Destin

Are you are searching for a Florida real estate class location in your area?  We have class locations in Panama City Beach and in Destin Florida.  Taking a classroom course is always better if you have the opportunity.  Not many people have the time to take off of work for the entire week.  Therefore, we suggest that you take one of our online courses.  It is certain that we have the very best online course you can get in Florida to pass your state exam.

Our Location

We are located in north Florida close to Tallahassee and the DBPR where your license are issued from.  The online real estate license course we offer is a REcampus course.  We have the text base course and we have a narrated video course.  The narrate video course features our top instructors Gina White and Paul Jensen.  Our video course is as close as you can get to being in the classroom right in the comfort of your home.