The first thing you need to decide on is if you want to take an online course or a classroom course.  At the top menu bar of our website click on courses.  Then choose between classroom or online.  If you are interested in our Live Streaming Classes, please call Captain Wayne Rowlett at 850-557-7991

For our classroom schedule click here.

For Online Students

  • Choose between the narrated video course and the text-based course.  There are different packages for each.
  • The video course is narrated and has pictures, animations, stories, and more explanations.  It is good for visual learners.
  • The text-based course follows the textbook word for word.  You can get through the textbase course quicker if you are a good reader and don’t mind doing the reading.
    •  Neither course is timed so you can progress at your own pace.  Both courses are active for 1 year.  You can even get up to a 6-month extension if needed from the date of expiration.

Applying for A License (If you would like, you can call me, Paula Stone 850-557-7991.  I will be happy to walk you through the whole process online to get your application started and your fingerprints.)

You must submit an application to the (DBPR) Department of Business and Professional Regulations to be approved before you can take your State Exam. You can apply with the DBPR before you take the pre-license course, while you are taking it or after you take it.  The course is not required at the time you submit your application. Your application and fingerprints are for the purpose of doing a background check.

It takes a couple of weeks to get your approval back.  A letter will be sent to your email from Pearson Vue containing your approval number referred to as your (FLREAPP number).  You must have that number before you can make your appointment to take the state exam. 

Application Requirements