Captain Wayne,

Just wanted to let you know that I took the State Exam for the Sales Associate Real Estate license today - (Thursday, 25 June 2015) at the Tallahassee location. Passed with a first time go!! It is my opinion / belief that I passed in part because of a least 3 things at a minimum;

1.) Prayers
2.) Attending the Rowlett Pre-License course
3.) Multiple iterations of the practice tests & questions on the CD Rom that I purchased from your school.

I almost disqualified myself. I forgot that Tallahassee is on Eastern Standard Time Zone and not the Central Time Zone like Panama City Beach. I arrived technically 30 minutes late, when I thought I was 30 minutes early. Turned out not to be a problem after all. The Pearson Vue Test Proctors were very accommodating and didn't even "blink" at the time confusion.

Thanks for everything, I'll be contacting you in the future about the Post-Licensing Education requirement and how to sign up for that through your school.

Sincerely, Vince Bramble

Yay!!! and Thank you ;)

I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome class. I have had a lot stuff going on being in the middle of finishing a divorce and all, but things settled down enough that I passed my test. I look forward to keeping in touch, I did enjoy the class and you and your wife are awesome. Thanks for everything, Capt. Wayne.

Sandy Elders

Dear Captain Wayne

We wanted you to be the first to know that we passed "Fla Real Estate" exam on the first go around.  We couldn't have done it without your classes.  Thank you and looking forward to seeing you for the "45" continuing ed class.

Warm Regards
Frank and Sylvia

Thank you so much Sam Belcher for preparing me so well for my exam that I felt the exam was almost too easy!!! First times a charm!!!

Nicole Hopkins

Hey Captain,
 I passed the state exam today, the 14th.  Looking forward to meeting with you if the job is still offered. My home phone 8506476020 or my cell is 8503485688. Hope all is well.

Benjamin Hinds

I PASSED! On my first try....thanks and see you soon for my post lic class!

I did a lot of research on which Real Estate school to choose. Rowlette Real Estate School was the name most often mentioned by friends in real estate. Once I made the decision to enroll, I found the week long classroom course intense, interesting, and FUN. The Captain makes you feel at ease which takes alot of pressure off.

The exam cram prep class, which is free to attend after you go through class, was certainly helpful. I passed my State Exam on my first attempt and that is in no small measure because of the information and test taking tips I learned from Capt. Wayne Rowlette.

I would like to add that the CD-Rom was very helpful, and the Audio CD really was a great addition...I listened to it the whole trip over to Pensacola and some information that I had just heard from it came in handy for the test!

Carolyn Mobley,

Captain Wayne,  Good day sir.  Just letting you know that I passed the state exam on the first try this passed Tuesday.  The math section was easy.  No complicated questions.  For the most part you could eliminate the answers just by reading the question carefully.  Good advise for all test takers read the question slowly and look for the bold print words.  The NOT, EXCEPT, and other distinguishable words are CAPITALIZED.  Many of the questions from the class were almost directly as we reviewed them.  I think I got an easy test though.  Not complicated at all. 
Thanks again,
Evan Walvoord

Hey Captain Wayne!
So just letting you know I passed my state exam on Tuesday on the first try!!! Thank you so much for allowing me to sit back in on your Nov really helped me! I felt like the state exam was easy after reviewing the CD ROM questions, reviewing the definitions and your class, of course! **I saw many similar questions that were on the CD ROM so it is extremely helpful...the format as well as the information itself! Thats all that I can remember at the moment...I hope it helps!!! Thanks again, Jessa Wiley :-)

Heather and I completed our test.  I passed the first time and Heather made it the second.  She missed it by 2 points the first time.  She made the wonderful mistake of changing answers.  Overall the test wasn't too bad except for the poor wording.  It was just like you said, the worded questions to try to make you misread.  Thanks for all the help.  We'll see you in February. Bill and Heather Crutchfield 

Hey, Captain Wayne! I passed, I passed!!!
I am so grateful for your class! All of the information you gave us was exactly what was on the test. Everybody had me so stressed with the passing ratio, but after going to the class, really focusing on the CD- ROM and attending the one day exam review, the test really wasn't as bad as I had expected. I really didn't expect to pass it the first time, but woo hoo, I did!! When someone is interested in starting in Real Estate I will tell them to start with Rowlett. .Jacki

Capt Wayne,
Just wanted to let you know I took my test this past Saturday for the first time and passed!  I wasn't very confident going into it, but the results were what I wanted.  The class and study guides prepared me well.  Thanks for your help.  Now I need to find a broker to work for. Thanks again, Jim Grant

Hello Captain Wayne!!!
I wanted to thank you for your amazing Exam Prep Course!!!! Captain Wayne Rowlett Exam Prep Course is the reason I passed my State Exam the first time!!! Happy, Happy, Happy!!! Thank you Captain Wayne!

Respectfully, Lisa Dallas
Director of Decisions
Lisa & Co. Business Development, Consulting, Marketing and Events

Capt. Wayne,
I wanted to touch base and let you know that I passed the state licensing exam today on my first try!  Thank you for everything you taught me in your Pre Licensing class as well as the Exam Prep class.  I spent the following nine days after your class reviewing the questions on the cd like you suggested and reviewing the chapters in the book. Thanks again for everything and know that I’ll be back to take my 45 hour Post Licensing class from you as well!

 Regards, Christine ‘Chris’ Lance 

Hey Paula,
Thank you for the info.  FYI I passed my exam this morning. Whoop whoop!
Debby Hove 
Hi Wayne~
Just wanted to let you know I passed yesterday!
I left the test knowing I passed and feeling confidant....I wish I knew how I did or what I missed, but I think I did well. And certainly well enough to pass so I guess that's all that matters! Thanks for your class, hope to see you in August schedule permitting...
Julie Dickerson


Capt. Wayne prepared me perfectly for the State Exam. I passed the first time taking it and it's because of his training. His class is not the normal boring school, he encouraged us to work together, and I learned everything I needed to know to pass the exam. I highly recommend this school.

Sherry Wakeford, Rosmary Beach, FL

Hey Captain,
Just wanted to let you know I took my state exam today and passed FIRST TIME!  Thanks for all your advice.  The cd rom was super helpful.  I am excited to start my new career in Real Estate!  I'll be calling you soon for my post liscensing course :)  Thanks to you and Paula both for helping prepare  students like me. 
Debby Hove  July 2013
Having attended Captain Wayne's class this week of June 5th,6th and 7th of 2013, I would have to rate this as one of the finest class I have attended. I have held license in California, Oklahoma, Indiana and Alabama and now going for Florida.
This course if powerful, informative, inspiring, common sense, down to earth knowledge. It is a like a 3 month course in 7 days or if refresher-3 days. His sense of humor adds to the class.
His formulas are one of the best to help you achieve the final reward of passing Florida's Real Estate State Board.
You will be welcomed, respected and accepted as you are, with comfortable surrounding's you will be in a learning atmosphere. Our class was one of the greatest, where you bond with some. as your future real estate colleagues.
I say go for it!
Captain Wayne wants you to make it and is there for you! Good luck and God Bless.
I recommend this school. Don't be afraid to ask questions -Captain will give you the answer.

Shirley James, Alabama Real Estate Broker  
Just wanted to let you know that I went to take my test yesterday for the first time and PASSED!!!!  Don't think I could have done it without the CD.  The math wasn't hard except the last question which I spent about 20 minutes trying to find the answer I never did come up with it. Thanks for all your help, have a great day. 
Krista Barker 
Hello Capt. Wayne!
This is Sebrina Carter former pupil of yours from your most recent Destin Pre-Licensing Exam class. I wanted to let you know that I took the State test yesterday and passed. So I am contacting Jeanne Carter from Star Real Estate and Beth/Paul from Prudential in Navarre. Will let you know where I land. The key to my success was testing on your cd 2 hours every day and 6 hours of book time every day. As well as taking your course and the pre-exam. I wanted to thank you for everything and I look forward to seeing how and where I can go with this new career! Very exciting!! See you at the post-45.
Kind Regards; Sebrina Carter

I would strongly recommend Rowlett Real Estate School if you are serious about getting your Florida Real Estate license. Captain Wayne is thorough and his classes are relaxed atmosphere. I took the 63 hour Pre Sales Associate Course with the Premium Package and passed the State Exam my first time.

Thanks Captain Wayne. 
Steven Burchfield
Florida Sales Associate

Wayne, I can't believe it has been a full week since that rainy Friday (last week) when I finished your class. Thanks for all your work, and the "fun lunches". I am sorry I missed Monday's lunch. I have had guests all week, and next week we go on a cruise, so after that I will probably hang my licsence again. Then I will consider Active rain net. Don't forget to let me know about your classes when I am in year 3 and 4. 
Richard Koehler
Captain Wayne,
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed taking your Real Estate Class.  You managed to make the class interesting and fun, while covering all of the information that we would need to know to pass not only your test, but the state test as well.  I am happy that I took the class and didn't try to do it myself, online, because I think that the interaction between the students and the teacher, helped me understand some of the key concepts and also helped me to remember them.  Stories and examples help.

Thanks again,
Joan Luchese

 Captain Wayne,
I took the state test today and I PASSED!!!  Yay!!!  So, I won't need to come to your next review class

Gene Cline

I am glad that I chose Rowlett for my Real Estate course. I really enjoyed the class and feel I got a good jump start to to start preparing for the state exam.
Thank you, Jacki Martin

In january 2013 I attended and successfully completed capt. Rowlett's sales associate pre-licensing class. Since it's been a thousand years since i was in a classroom, i was rather apprehensive. Capt. Rowlett's classroom was welcoming and his instruction was excellent and easy to understand especially since he does utilize PowerPoint! I have to say it was a great experience! Capt. Rowlett is very approachable and he made learning the material not only interesting but fun! I highly recommend his class

CINDY SHUCK NOW "licensed sales associate" :0) Passed my state exam on March 30! When's the post-licensing class?

Carroll Realty Property Management Inc.
2551 Jenks Ave., Panama City FL 32405
Ph. 850-872-7473, Fax 850-872-8203

I am glad that I chose Rowlett for my Real Estate course. I really enjoyed the class and feel I got a good jump start to to start preparing for the state exam.
Thank you, Jacki Martin

Vickie HaleyCaptain Wayne,

I passed my test!!! YEAH! I traveled to Pensacola last Thursday to take the test. I am so excited to have this behind me and get to work. I have a few more offices I want to visit before making my final decision. Thank you so much for your expertise teaching skills!!! See you soon!

Victoria Haley RE/Max Gold

Captain Wayne,
I passed my test!!! YEAH! I traveled to Pensacola last Thursday to take the test. I am so excited to have this behind me and get to work. I have a few more offices I want to visit before making my final decision. Thank you so much for your expertise teaching skills!!! See you soon!

Victoria Haley RE/Max Gold

HAPPY DAY! Just wanted to let The Captain know that I passed my state exam thanks to his help, a lot of studying from that glorious Red CD, and dedication. Thank you SO MUCH! Had to thank him and will see him personally to do it soon!

God Bless, Daniel R Hood 

Captain Wayne,
I wanted to thank you for all that I learned in your school, you are so awesome, I enjoyed learning everyday and looking forward to having the rest of my real estate education through your school! Thank you :-)

Mandy Turbitt-Ciccarelli

Darla HarrisonDear Capt. Wayne,
Just had to take a moment to type a few words of thanks to you for the patience and courtesy afforded me this past week during your Real Estate Class in Destin, FL. Honestly, I considered giving up because I felt a bit overwhelmed with all of the information covered in a short week, but because of your extra attention and excellent teaching skills I stayed with the class and passed my exam at the end of the week. Thanks again for encouraging me to complete the course and for helping me retain the information to pass the test.

Kindest regards, Darla Harrison

Vickie NagyHey y'all! I recently completed this reactivation course. Everything functioned well. The certification came through at the state level very promptly. I had let my FL broker's license lapse, but when I got a letter saying it could be reactivated I took the plunge. I'll admit, I chose Rowlett Real Estate Schoool because of their presence on Active Rain. I'm glad I did!

Vickie Nagy

I did it "PASSED" ...your prep course was worth every penny!! The tools that you offer have helped me to achieve my license :) Thanks!

Wendy Prouse Herberth

Best School You Can Go To.