Mutual Recognition

Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation mutual recognition resources.

Florida has entered into a mutual recognition agreement with eleven (8) of the following states, Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, and Oklahoma.. Qualified residents from these states may get a Florida real estate license by passing a forty (40) question examination. The exam tests knowledge of Florida real estate license law, statutes and administrative rules. The exam is the same for sales associates or brokers.
There are no requirements that an applicant must attend a course for this exam, but we do suggest the following methods of preparation.

Self Study the Sales Associate's course text.

Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law -Linda Crawford

Attend a sales associate class during the License Law segment.

This consists of the first twenty-four (24) hours of our Sales Associate Licensing Course.
This can be accomplished by attending the first three (3) classes. .

The License Law Course fee is $159.00. It includes the Sales Associate text above.
For scheduling, refer to our Pre Sales Associate License Course schedule for starting dates and classroom locations.

Attend the Sales Associate State Exam Cram Course


The Exam Cram Course price of $99.00 includes a review text.
For scheduling, refer to our Pre Sales Associate's State Exam Cram Course schedule for starting dates and classroom locations.

Mutual Recognition rules apply only to individuals whom are NOT Florida
residents as defined by Florida Statute 475

What if I am licensed in a state other than those with Mutual Recognition?

If you are a licensed real estate Sales Associate or broker who have real estate experience in another state that is not mutually recognized. Then you may apply the experience toward a Florida real estate broker license if you have held an active Sales Associate, or a current and valid broker license for at least twenty-four (24) months during the past five (5) years.

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